Friday, April 12, 2024

Ministers plan woolshed roadshow

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Agriculture minister and his associate to tour rural NZ to discuss challenges facing farmers.
A sign of its support for agriculture or a way to accommodate coalition dynamics? Either way, the appointment of three associate ministers of agriculture is unprecedented.
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Government ministers will tour woolsheds across New Zealand over the next three months to discuss grassroots solutions to the challenges sheep and beef farmers are facing.

Agriculture Minister Todd McClay will be joined by Mark Patterson, in his role as minister for rural communities and associate agriculture minister responsible for wool.

“The government is focused on getting costs down for our farmers,” McClay said.

“We recognise the challenges sheep farmers are facing in the current climate with the oversupply of Australian lamb flooding the market and driving global prices down; and the ongoing barriers faced across the wool sector.

“At the same time, we back our farmers who produce high-quality products that are sought globally.

“The government recognises the red meat sector’s enduring resilience as an industry that has consistently contributed to New Zealand’s exporting portfolio, and understand we have an obligation to make sure we are not imposing any unnecessary costs on farmers.”

Patterson said sheep farmers have long been the backbone of NZ’s farming communities. 

“Under my delegation as minister responsible for wool I will be working with farmers to rebuild the industry into a strong sector that recognises the exporting and sustainability potential of the product.

“We will be engaging with small catchment groups from Northland to Southland meeting farmers in the woolsheds, and at the farm gate, to discuss grassroots solutions.”

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