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Top firms set off on agritech tour

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Round of meetings to discuss emissions reduction and other environmental issues in Ireland and UK.
AgriTech NZ, with the support of government funding, has arranged a tour to institutions and companies whose aim is to help solve some of the biggest global challenges.
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More than 20 representatives of New Zealand-based agritech organisations are meeting with Irish and British organisations this month to discuss emissions reduction, soil conservation and environmental stewardship.

Brendan O’Connell, CEO of AgriTech New Zealand, said the delegates represent a full cross-section of the agritech ecosystem and are seeking meaningful collaboration with international partners.

“Innovation in food production systems, also known as agritech, is the answer to some of the most complex challenges in feeding the world during a climate crisis. We appreciate the irony of burning fossil fuel in travelling to progress this mission and know that the relationships formed will ultimately accelerate the reduction of emissions.”

NZ is already well known globally as a food and fibre producer, but the agritech industry is looking to make an increasingly positive global impact.

“Many evolving technologies focus on protecting the natural environment and supporting farmers and growers to adapt to both environmental and consumer demands. We’ve worked hard to create an itinerary that will bring innovators, investors, researchers, and regulators together to collaborate on future solutions that will be beneficial outcomes for everyone.”  

The delegates include AgriZeroNZ, the New Zealand public-private joint venture investing $340 million over the next four years to accelerate the reduction of agricultural emissions; AgriSea NZ, which develops animal nutrition and soil biostimulants from seaweed components; and CH4 Global, which recently raised US$29m ($49m) in Series B funding to accelerate its methane-reducing animal feeds, also derived from seaweed extracts.

“It’s going to be a fantastic experience for everyone. These businesses are creating technologies to help solve some of the biggest global challenges and we’re looking forward to seeing business relationships flourish across the three nations,” O’Connell said.

The Ireland/United Kingdom agritech tour is organised by AgriTech NZ with support from the New Zealand Government’s Industry Transformation Plan funding. The tour begins in Dublin on September 17 and finishes on September 28 after the conclusion of the World Agritech Summit in London.

Representatives from the following companies are part of the delegation: AgriTech New Zealand; AgriSea NZ Seaweed; Agnition Ventures; AgResearch; AgriZeroNZ; Callaghan Innovation; CH4 Global; Dragonfly Data Science; Levno; Lincoln Agritech; Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC); Map of Ag; Overseer; Perrin Ag Consultants; PWC New Zealand; and the University of Otago.

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