Thursday, August 18, 2022

Ballance ends nitrogen fertiliser price reduction

Ballance Agri Nutrients’ reduction in nitrogen fertiliser retail prices has ended, the co-operative announced last week. The discount ended on May 21.

In an email sent to farmers, Ballance’s general manager of sales Jason Minkhorst said that it decreased its nitrogen price in the face of rising global urea costs on March 15 to help farmers get through drought, feed shortages and the backlog of animals to be killed at meatworks across the country.

“Although we were able to hold this price for over two months, there have been a number of adverse factors that have increased the global price of all products,” they said in the email.

“… our new price of SustaiN will be $1289/t and urea will be $1240/t.”

Prices at rival cooperative Ravensdown are at $1319 a tonne for N Protect and $1270 for Urea.

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