Friday, April 12, 2024

Cows, cows and more cows at Temuka

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Increase in cow volumes coincides with the annual beef calf sales, making for a busy week.
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The boner cow market is heating up as autumn calving gets going, and Temuka is the major outlet for this class of cattle in the South Island. 

Most of these cows have a one-way ticket to the processors and though schedules have held up to date, the extra supply has meant that schedules are starting to be pulled back.

That would typically have a flow-on effect to the yards as lower schedules and larger supply puts pressure on auction prices, but that wolf waited at the gates of the Temuka saleyards for another week at least. 

Despite a short week and some noted buyers missing, the boner cow sale at Temuka on Tuesday, April 2 was firm on the previous week, and in line with the previous year. Over 500 cows were offered and most were Friesian, and Friesian-cross.

The Friesian cow average lifted 8c/kg to $1.47/kg, complemented by a 15kg increase in the average weight. An additional 10c/kg was paid on the top end for Friesian, which weighed in at 554kg. 

Crossbred and Jersey cows also lifted 4-10c/kg, which meant most sold for $1.40-$1.50/kg. On a whole, close to the entire yarding of boner cows traded from $1.40/kg to $1.54/kg and most weighed 430-645kg. 

Values are steady to slightly up on last year, which reflects a stronger schedule. 

The increase in cow volume coincides with the annual beef calf sales at Temuka, making March and April the busiest months of the year at those yards.

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