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AGL, AngusPure extend premium portfolio

Neal Wallace
Alliance Group Ltd and AngusPureNZ have extended their partnership with the added offering of a new premium programme, including an Angus branded export quality beef. The new differentiated Angus beef programme encompasses the existing AngusPure domestic brand, as well as a new Angus export brand to be developed for markets in North America and Asia.
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Alliance will reward farmers who have qualifying animals with premiums of up to 40c/kg.

“We’re building a differentiated premium portfolio and increasing the value we create for New Zealand’s farmers by creating global supply programme opportunities,” Alliance Group category director for beef Darren Drury said.

AngusPure NZ director Guy Sargent says the partnership will benefit all Angus breeders, but especially those in the South Island.

“Alliance and AngusPure share a common belief that quality should be rewarded,” Sargent said.

“Not all Angus’ are equal and Alliance will reward those suppliers who provide quality livestock.

“This new programme also opens up another option to finishers right across the country for processing and there will be increased demand and premiums paid for cattle tagged with AngusPure Source and Trace ear tags.”

The animals will be processed and selected by specially accredited graders at Alliance’s Mataura, Pukeuri (Oamaru) and Levin plants.

To qualify, animals must be 100% grass-fed and tagged with an AngusPure Source and Trace ear tag.

Carcases must achieve a marbling score of 1 or greater, have fat and meat colour of 1 to 4 and a pH of 5.7 or less.

The programme is for steers and heifers only and stock must be 245kg-plus, antibiotic-free, Farm Assured properties, NAIT tagged, meet the special raising claims programme and must be at least 75% Angus and sired by a Registered or PRAC/APR Recorded Angus bull.

The premiums will be 40c/kg from May 1 to October 31 and 30c/kg from November 1-April 30 for carcases 270.1kg-plus.

For carcases between 245-270kg, farmers will be paid 20c/kg between May 1 and October 31 and 10c/kg between November 1 and April 30.

If animals meet the criteria for Alliance’s Handpicked Beef range, they will automatically receive the relevant premiums of up to $1 per kg. 

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