Saturday, December 2, 2023

Dairy farmers can Plant for Good

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Fonterra has teamed up with a nationwide group of ecological consultants to offer a Plant for Good programme to deliver a better outcome from farm tree planting.
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Wildland Consultants says it will reduce the cost of on-farm native plantings and guarantee a survival rate of at least 90% for the first two years.

Fonterra chairman John Monaghan told the co-operative’s annual meeting native tree and shrub planting is an important part of the solution to environmental challenges.

“But it’s estimated that nearly half of what’s planted doesn’t survive because they aren’t right for the region, climate or soil.”

Wildland chief executive Sarah Beadel said the survival rate will be achieved by expert plant selection, regionally sourced plants and ongoing maintenance.

On-farm plantings in riparian zones, for shelterbelts or in woodlots needs to be well planned with good lead-in times and site preparation.

The volume of plants needed will come from established nurseries in the regions with which Wildland already has relationships.

Indicative prices for Farm Source members on the riparian pages of the Wildland website range from $8 to $10 a tree, depending on the size of the zone.

Wildland has been going 35 years and has more than 100 staff members at 10 locations.

Fonterra farmer Sam Spencer-Bower, from North Canterbury, said not enough thought goes into planting on farms.

“A lot of people throw things in but if you don’t do it properly or have the right spacing it’s money down the drain. 

“I recommend chipping away at it every year and when you do it, do it right.”

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