Saturday, December 9, 2023

Kiwis win dog trials test series

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New Zealand has comfortably retained the Wayleggo Cup in sheep dog trials in a two-test series against Australian handlers and their dogs at the Tasman A&P Show in Nelson.
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The aggregate points over eight runs by each team were 682.75 for NZ and 602.25 for Australia.

In the first test NZ got 354.5 points and Australia only 244.25, not helped by Michael Grant and Fleetwood Dot not scoring.

They were faced with sheep that ran in the opposite direction and resisted all attempts to finish the course.

The Wayleggo course is a composite of NZ and Australian heading dog trials such as straight line walking, a bridge and a final pen, jointly judged by a Kiwi and an Australian.

The venue alternates each year between NZ and Australia and NZ has now won six events consecutively.

The Australian team came back strongly on the second day, out-scoring NZ 358 points to 328.25.

For the NZ team the honours were shared with Guy Peacock and Chief gaining the highest single-run points of 95.75 on the first day followed by Andy Clark and Girl on the second day with 91.5, Neville Child and Harry 91 and Stuart Child and Brodie 87.25.

Grant Cooke and Grassvalley Sky top-scored over the two days with 96 points and the combination had 86.25 in the first test so disastrous for the Australian team’s chances.

Clark comes from the Tai Tapu club in Canterbury, Neville Child from Maungakaramea in Northland, Stuart Child from Te Anga, Waikato, and Peacock from Makotuku, southern Hawke’s Bay. 

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