Monday, April 22, 2024

Taranaki cattle 23.06

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Most R2 heifers earned $2.60-$2.70/kg R2 Friesian and Friesian-cross bulls were well contested at $2.71-$2.78/kg Better R1 Friesian bulls earned $2.13/kg Prime Hereford-Friesian steers, 648kg, realised $3.00/kg Prime heifers fetched $2.86-$2.90/kg
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Throughput eased at Taranaki last Wednesday though demand was strong which pushed values upwards across the board. R2 cattle improved at least 10c/kg and the steer average settled at $2.97/kg with top end firming to $3.05-$3.13/kg. In the R1 steer pens, those that ticked boxes fetched $3.12/kg to $3.26/kg and lines with horns or broken markings were around $2.60-$2.67/kg. R1 heifers were mostly bought for $2.30-$2.40/kg. Top-quality Angus mixed-age cows vetted-in-calf to purebred Angus bull and due September 1st achieved $1600.

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