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Generosity gets ram to feed 4300 people

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Breeder banks proceeds with charity after selling prized animal.
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The sale of a prized Southdown stud ram has helped to put almost 4300 meals on the table for people facing food insecurity this year.   

Clifton Downs Southdown Stud breeder Chris Medlicott sold the ram in his on-farm sale in November, with the proceeds donated to Meat the Need and Feed Out. 

The proceeds of the sale created 4295 mince and milk meals for 110 food banks and community organisations nationwide. 

Medlicott was already aware of the charity, and after seeing Shrimpton Hill Herefords donate a lot in their bull sale, it prompted him to do the same with his own ram and ewe sale. 

“I’m really proud that we produce top quality New Zealand food, but there are some people in this country who can’t afford to eat it,” he said. 

“We want all New Zealanders eating produce off our farms and that was really the reason for me to donate.”

Passionate about his Southdown Stud and breeding genetics, every year he hosts an on-farm ram sale with up to 80 sheep and donates a lot to a charity or organisation. 

The PGG Wrightson’s auctioneer enjoyed hammering off the lot for Meat the Need, he said, and donated their commission too. 

The purchasers were also pleased to be donating to a good cause and walking away with a good breeding ram. 

“It’s always a good feeling that you’re helping someone in need and in all walks of life really,” he said.  

The feeling of being able to provide more than 4000 meals of top quality, home-grown protein to those facing food insecurity through his donation was “quite priceless”. 

Donating is always a good thing to do. To be honest I think New Zealand society has lost the giving aspect a wee bit so it’s nice to be able to make a bit of an impact on whoever needs it.” 

Although times are tough on farms with on-farm inflation the highest in 40 years at 16.3%, (two and a half times the consumer price inflation rate), he said he would still choose to donate again. 

“Donating the proceeds of a ram is a different measure to donating cash from your bank account. Besides, I think you get more generous with age,” he laughed. 

Meat the Need and Feed Out facilitate donations of cash, livestock and milk to turn into meals for more than 110 food banks and community organisations nationwide through processors Silver Fern Farms, Miraka and Fonterra.

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