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When Young Farmers become older farmers

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Alumni network aims to preserve expertise and support once members age out.
What happens to a Young Farmer when they turn 31? A new alumni network has been launched to keep them involved after they age out of the organisation.
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New Zealand Young Farmers has launched an alumni network to help former members stay connected with the organisation. 

The network will also offer past members a channel for offering up their expertise and support, contributing to the goal of becoming a sustainable organisation.

Chief executive Lynda Coppersmith said New Zealand Young Farmers (NZYF) has been a part of the food and fibre sector since 1927 –  “so we know there are hundreds of ex-members out there doing amazing things”.

“We’re excited to now have the opportunity to stay connected and give our alumni a network to share their knowledge and offer support for the organisation, on a local, regional and national level,” Coppersmith said.

A group of former members have been supporting NZYF in developing the network.

Advisory group member, NZYF alumna and author of 50 Years Young: A History of the Young Farmer of the Year Kate Taylor is excited for ex-NZYF members to be able to stay connected to the organisation and one another, and have the opportunity to pass along their knowledge and support to the next generation.

“Our alumni are on farms, in businesses and at boardroom tables around the country, from the big corporates and councils down to rural school boards of trustees,” she said.

“It’s a vast and valuable resource for today’s Young Farmers to tap into.”

Currently, a member ages out of the organisation at 31 years old, but the network recognises their involvement can continue beyond this point. Alumni are invited to stay connected with their former clubs by acting as mentors for current members and getting involved with local NZYF events and initiatives.

Former NZYF members can find out more about joining the network at www.youngfarmers.co.nz/nzyf-alumni

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