Saturday, April 13, 2024

Cow in the box

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The Lely Treatment Box has been developed to treat cows quickly, easily and safely. 
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Working on the rule one guide – one person should be able to put one cow in place for treatment in just one minute – it ensures easy, professional and safe cow treatment with minimum stress for the cow and the farmer.

The treatment box includes hoists, as well as leg and head lifts. The exit is blocked by a front gate, and the box is wide enough for both beef and dairy cattle to be treated with ease. A rear gate keeps the cow in place. Three side doors on each side of the box can all open at the same time, providing maximum working space around the cow. A flexible belly band adjusts itself to the chest of the cow to provide optimum cow comfort and safety.

Once in the box, the cow remains standing still, highly accessible and visible for every treatment, including claw treatments, injections, flush-plant embryos, udder treatments, inserting afterbirth pills, ear tagging, wound treatment, medical surgery and caesarean. Once treatment is finished, the cow has an easy exit through the gate.

For more information contact Lely on 0800-535-969 or visit the YouTube link to see the machine in action at

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