Monday, April 22, 2024

Export markets In Focus this week

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Farmers Weekly podcast looks at how farmgate returns will fare in a chilly global market.
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The week’s episode of Farmers Weekly In Focus takes a look at global export markets and their influence on farmgate returns here at home.

Reporter Hugh Stringleman analyses the latest drop in dairy commodity prices at the Global Dairy Trade auction, as analysts revise their milk price forecasts.

Agricultural economist Phil Journeaux talks us through AgFirst’s latest dairy farm model budget, which foresees losses.

High input costs, especially for fertiliser, labour and interest, have wiped off any margin the model farm was targeting.

Alliance Group’s general manager for global markets Shane Kingston says the outlook for red meat is just as grim, with China’s sluggish recovery and Australia’s growing beef output putting pressure on prices, which will filter down to the farmgate.

Strong-wool prices are also stubbornly low, but Federated Farmers’ meat and wool chair, Toby Williams, says discussions are underway to address the issue, and it may be time to at least think about a wool levy once more.

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