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Feilding store sale 2.07

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R3 traditional steers, 465-625kg, were $3.15-$3.30/kg R2 Hereford-Friesian steers, 375-445kg, made $2.95-$3.15/kg Store male lamb average lifted to $172 Store ewe lamb average held at $157 High-scanning, good quality older ewes were $250-$258
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A steady market met the 1300 cattle at Feilding. Multiple lines of in-calf mixed-age beef cows, 480-625kg, all made $2.25-$2.40/kg. R2 traditional steers, 460-550kg, were $3.10-$3.20/kg, while 340-515kg R2 Friesian bulls sold for $2.95-$3.05/kg. R2 beef heifers were mainly $2.80-$2.95/kg, though two traditional lines went above $3/kg. R1 Friesian bulls, 195-230kg, were $3.05-$3.25/kg, while 220-255kg R1 Angus steers were $3.25-$3.50/kg and 215-260kg heifers of the same breed made $2.75-$2.90/kg.

The 14,000 store lambs firmed again. Usually heavy males were $190-$200, good lines $175-$185, mediums $160-$170, and the lights mainly $135-$150. For ewe lambs the market started at $175-$185 for the heaviest, moving to $160-$170 for good lines, $150-$160 for mediums and $130-$145 for the lighter-end. The in-lamb ewe market was strong, decent and better types $230-$258, $190-$220 covering the mid-range, while lesser lines were $150-$180.

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