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Feilding store sale 23.07

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Capital stock traditional cows, 565-585kg, were $1270-$1310 R2 South Devon steers, 500-540kg, sold for $3.25-$3.40/kg R1 Angus steers, 255-290kg, made $3.50-$3.65/kg Store male lamb average eased to $163 Store ewe lamb average held at $151
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The 1200 store cattle mainly sold to a steady market at Feilding. Larger lines of 425-540kg traditional R2 steers were $3.20-$3.25/kg, with dairy-cross types around $3/kg. R2 bulls, 400-485kg, were $2.85-$2.95/kg. R2 straight-beef type heifers were mainly $2.80/kg. R1 traditional steers, 175-230kg, made $3.85-$4.00/kg while 205-225kg R1 Friesian bulls sold at $2.90-$3.05/kg. R1 straight-beef heifers were mainly $3.30-$3.50/kg at all weights.

The market was steady-to-weaker on the 9000 store lambs. Heavy male lambs were $170-$185, good types $160-$170, mediums $135-$155, and the lighter end $115-$130. For the ewe lambs the market was at $165-$180 for the heavy and large lines, good types were typically $150-$160, mediums $135-$150, and $110-$130 covered much of the rest. Some triplet-bearing ewes were $227-$230, but the rest of the market was down roughly $15-$20, mostly $165-$200.

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