Friday, December 8, 2023

Hamilton agritech firm sells to UK company

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Hamilton based Rezare has been purchased by Map of Ag group as the UK based company seeks to deepen its farm and primary sector software skills.
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Founded by managing director Andrew Cooke in 2004, Rezare has established a high-profile reputation in New Zealand and internationally for developing software systems for the primary sector. 

This has included biological models, budgeting and genetic recording technologies. 

Cooke was also instrumental in helping the agritech sector establish farm data exchange and privacy standards for the sector.

Map of Ag operates in the UK, Argentina and NZ, providing farm and food chain operators with decision support software.

The purchase by the UK firm comes with a past Kiwi connection. 

Map of Ag was founded by New Zealander Forbes Elworthy in 2015 and spun off from the family’s Craigmore agri-forestry investments portfolio of businesses.

“Our two companies often found ourselves pitching to the same potential clients, and we decided there could be value in working together,” Cooke said.

“Map of Ag has its strengths in the food supply chain area, including customers like Sainsburys, McDonalds’ sustainable beef network and Arla.”

The company has also been closely involved in the high-profile “hands free hectare” project where a 35ha trial farm will ultimately be completely operated by autonomous robotic technology.

“What Map of Ag did not have was a truly ag focussed software team, which is where our strength lies,” Cooke explained.

“The people we have are good at understanding farm systems and knowing what data is needed from those systems, understanding animals, grass systems and nutrient management.”

Working with Map of Ag would also give Rezare greater ability to template some of its earlier bespoke software systems, taking previously developed ones and making small adjustments specific to client needs.

“This proves more cost effective than building out from scratch each time,” he added.

Map of Ag CEO Richard Vecqueray said Rezare was an ideal fit for the company, delivering exceptional capabilities in areas of data solutions and comes as customers are seeking net-zero carbon commitments and, with that, measures of sustainability, animal welfare and farm assurance.

Map of Ag intends to retain the Rezare brand and adds about $4 million a year to its  revenue stream with the purchase. 

Cooke has been appointed chief technical officer for Map of Ag.

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