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Methane-busting additive call due in spring

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Bovaer already available in more than 45 countries and blocs.
The methane-reducing supplement Bovaer is already available in more than 45 countries.
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A feed additive to reduce stock methane could get the green light in New Zealand from September.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) said it expects to decide by September on an application from DSM to introduce the additive to reduce methane emissions in livestock.

“In February 2021, we formally received an application for 3-nitrooxypropanol (3-NOP), commonly known as Bovaer, and we began working on a risk assessment. 3-NOP is an active ingredient that is new to Aotearoa New Zealand,” the EPA said.

“We determined the initial hazard classifications for multiple formulations of 3-NOP, and this was shared with DSM.”

In August 2021, DSM put the application on hold while the company compiled further information for assessment. The information was given to the EPA in March 2022.

“From a regulatory perspective, substances for climate change mitigation are still new to New Zealand. This application required substantial time to come to a mutual understanding on how this substance would be used and what information was required to conduct an appropriate risk assessment,” the statement said.

“In concentrated forms, 3-NOP can pose significant risks to people, so the parameters of potential exposure had to be carefully considered, including provision of advice from WorkSafe.”

The assessments are centred on scientific data and evidence, economic information, and local information, as well as cultural perspectives.

Bovaer is already available in more than 45 countries and blocs, including the European Union, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Pakistan, Switzerland and Turkey. Fonterra is trialling Bovaer in partnership with DSM.

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