Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Gore sale heralds the rise of the $100,000 stag

Neal Wallace
Brock Deer of Gore sells two prize deer above the magic 100k mark.
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Selling two stags for $100,000 or more has crowned 35 years of breeding for the Brock family of Gore.

At its recent on-farm auction, Brock Deer sold a 260kg, three-year-old Red trophy stag for $114,000 and a three-year-old velvet stag, which weighed 233kg, for $100,000.

The trophy stag was bought by Stu Henderson from Gisborne and the breeding sire by James Hudson (Timaru) and Jack Preston (Winton).

“It was a fantastic sale, just awesome,” Eddie Brock said.

Anna Brock holds the velvet from a three-year-old breeding stag sold by her family for $100,000 last week.

Elliot said his parents, Eddie and Bron, have been farming and breeding deer for 35 years, and the offering at this sale and the prices achieved were the best ever.

It was also one of the first stag auctions to have two stags sell for $100,000 or more.

The trophy stag scored over 600 IOA (inches of antler) and the sire cut 10kg of velvet.

They sold all 30 stags offered, averaging $21,500, along with 30 hinds which averaged $2450.

Brock said while this year’s sale was exceptional, the stags to be offered next year look even better.

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