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Getting need and feed to mesh through Feds

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National Feed Co-ordination Service ready to help as bales roll in.
Local truckies are in it for the long haul, helping out cyclone-hit farmers. This load of donated baleage from Tararua was driven by Regan Beale, Mangatainoka, to Hawke’s Bay.
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Federated Farmers is urging farmers who need stock feed, and those willing to donate or supply it, to use the National Feed Co-ordination Service.

“Offers of feed continue to pour in and that’s fantastic,” Federated Farmers Tararua president Sally Dryland said. 

However, some depots are becoming overrun with goods being dropped off.

The co-ordination service, activated by the Ministry for Primary Industries and operated by Federated Farmers, is the most efficient way of keeping track of everything, Dryland said. 

An alternative, if your internet is still down or you have questions, is to ring your local Feds president.

“We want it to go to those most in need in the most direct manner possible. Apart from anything that keeps transport costs and emissions to a minimum.

“Tararua-wise, I’m humbled by the number of local farmers who have signalled a desire to donate hay and silage. We appreciate the local truckies offering to help with free transport too,” Dryland said.

The Tararua Rural Support Trust has nearly finished visiting all the affected farmers in that region and will now work with Feds to distribute feed. Some of this may be required in a month or two when grass on flood-damaged pasture, or farmers’ own feed stores, has been eaten.

In areas such as Gisborne, where there is widespread pasture damage, there is a likelihood that capital stock may need to go off grazing over winter.

Acting Gisborne president Charlie Reynolds is also thankful for all the offers of support coming their way.

“It’s a massive effort understanding the logistics of moving stock and feed around when we have so many roads impacted,” Reynolds said.

Federated Farmers Hawke’s Bay president Jim Galloway is conscious that needs are not clearly understood yet as some districts are very much in a response mode rather than recovery.

“Once we know if we can get feed in, we will be very thankful to those who can deliver straight to the farm.”

To access the Feed Co-ordination Service go to www.fedfarm.org.nz and click the ‹Feed Co-ordination› button.

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