Sunday, December 3, 2023

Stortford Lodge prime cattle and sheep 13.01

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Very heavy ewes eased to $141-$149.50 Very good ewes softened to $127-$132 Medium-good to good ewes held at $119.50-$125.50 Very heavy mixed-sex lambs came back to $134-$160 Medium-good mixed sex lambs eased to $109-$128
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Ewe throughput lifted at Stortford Lodge last Monday. Most traded at softer levels with demand declining in line with easing schedules and vendors had to meet the market. Heavy ewes softened to $136.50-$139.50, as did light-medium types back to $80-$101.

A very small offering of lambs was penned and included a smattering of male lambs, heavier types managed $139-$142, with medium to medium-good trading at $102-$126.50.

There were no cattle penned this sale.

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