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Chan joins NZ Pork board ‘at challenging time’

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Sector has significant concerns about regs, says new independent director.
NZPork is up for the challenge, says new independent director Jessie Chan.
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Jessie Chan has been appointed to the NZ Pork board as an independent director.

Chan, who lives in Rakaia in Mid Canterbury, has an honours degree in animal science and wide-ranging experience in central and local government, and non-profit and commercial organisations.

She is chair of RuralCo, serves on the board of Bioprotection Aotearoa and is a Trustee of Meat the Need. 

Chan became a member of the NZ Order of Merit this year, for services to dairy and agriculture.  

She has completed the Fonterra Governance Development Programme and Stanford University’s Te Hono Bootcamp, and was Dairy Woman of the Year in 2017. She was named Inspiring Governance Leader at the 2021 Women in Governance Awards.

“This is a challenging time for pig farmers and the industry,” Chan said.

“The sector has significant concerns about the impractical regulations in the draft Code of Welfare and a growing wave of imported pork produced using practices that are illegal in this country.

“NZPork is certainly up for the challenge, advocating hard on behalf of our farmers and pressing for food security to be maintained for all New Zealanders.

“New Zealand’s pork sector is a small but proud industry with a strong environmental record. It is important to ensure that the sector can thrive and that pig farmers can continue to provide nutritious high-quality New Zealand-born and -raised pork, farmed to high welfare standards.”

Meanwhile, former National Party MP and Deputy Speaker Eric Roy has been re-appointed as an independent director and chair of NZPork.

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