Sunday, March 3, 2024

Californian growers engage with Australasian researchers

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Accord with California farmers a major platform for NZ, Aus agritech.
The accord signed with California farmers will provide a major platform for New Zealand and Australian agritech, Peter Wren-Hilton, founder of Wharf42, says.
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Greater co-operation between Australasian agricultural researchers and the giant Californian agricultural sector is likely in coming years following a letter of intent signed between Wharf42 tech incubator and Western Growers.

Western Growers is a farmer group representing about 50% of the United States’ fresh produce production, covering fruits, vegetables and tree nut production, and almost half the US organic production.

Peter Wren-Hilton, founder of Tauranga-based Wharf42, said the agreement includes intentions to hold a grower summit in Salinas, California, in mid-2023 to enable growers, researchers and companies to discuss biological-based approaches to agricultural challenges.

He said it will provide a major platform for New Zealand and Australian agritech and researchers to focus on water management and quality tech in particular, engaging directly with key entities across California.

A delegation of Californian growers, processors and producers will be attending the 2035 Oceania Summit on agritech being held in Auckland in October.

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