Friday, December 8, 2023

New marketing drive for beef and lamb kicks off

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Stacey Waaka chosen to front ‘Good things start with NZ beef and lamb’ campaign.
World-champion rugby star Stacey Waaka has been chosen as the ambassador for the campaign.
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A new campaign aims to showcase the red meat industry and promote the benefits of eating New Zealand beef and lamb.

The campaign, “Good things start with New Zealand beef and lamb”, emphasises the exceptional taste, quality, and versatility of NZ beef and lamb. 

Kit Arkwright, chief executive of Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc, the industry’s domestic marketing and communications body, said the campaign is a celebration of the country’s product. 

“It is a tribute to the connection between life’s memorable moments and great food, and a reminder that we are best placed to achieve our goals when we pay attention to our nutrition and look after ourselves.

“As well as the stand-out ‘crave factor’ of our product, we will be focusing on the nutritional value, and sustainability of beef and lamb – reassuring consumers that grass-fed New Zealand beef and lamb is good for them, good for New Zealand and good for the planet.”

World-champion rugby star Stacey Waaka has been chosen as the ambassador for the campaign, given her commitment to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, along with her success as a sportswoman.

Arkwright is delighted to have Waaka on board. 

“Seeing her score her try in that remarkable final, it was clear how much passion and enjoyment she has for representing her country. I don’t think there is a better analogy for how our farmers, butchers and chefs feel about showcasing what makes New Zealand beef and lamb the best in the world.”

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