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Daily Digest: July 20, 2020

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Butt out and benefit, Kiwis told  Who’d be a politician or a diplomat these days. At least the latter are used to being diplomatic but the former aren’t.
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In a coalition government the dangers of loose canon comments by partners is an ever-present danger as Winston Peters, who should know better, has shown with his previous comments about China. Now the Chinese Ambassador to Wellington, Wu Xi, has spelled it out in words of one syllable to the NZ-China Business Summit. She has warned Kiwis to keep their noses out of China’s domestic affairs. Then she suggested there’s a stick involved for those who risk harming common interests. That means the trade we are so dependent on. She then offered the carrot saying those who behave themselves will benefit and said in New Zealand’s case that means expanding the free-trade agreement. Couldn’t be clearer. But it’s not that easy for NZ and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said it’s in New Zealanders’ nature to speak up. And then there’s the question of staying onside with our traditional allies in the form of the increasingly belligerent United States president Donald Trump, bumbling Boris Johnson in Britain and seemingly increasingly hard-liners in Australia. It won’t be easy but we have to hope our respresentatives will do what’s best for NZ.

Stephen Bell


China warns Kiwis to butt out

The strong relationship between New Zealand and China can continue to grow as long as NZ stays out of internal Chinese politics, Beijing’s ambassador to Wellington Wu Xi says.


Pamu could help young farmers

Pamu Farms’ $2.2 billion balance sheet should be used to help young farmers buy their first farm, New Zealand First says.


Pilot kickstarts shearing training

Almost $2 million will be spent developing and delivering sustainable and integrated training for shearing and wool handling.


Honey business finds sweet spot

When James Annabell’s budding rugby career wasn’t quite going the way he hoped the former Taranaki Bulls hooker put his drive into honey, which has led to the development of a multimillion dollar business, as Colin Williscroft reports.


Tonight on Sarah’s Country 

7.10pm – Pastoral farmers have to reduce their synthetic nitrogen fertiliser use to 190kg/ha/year by July 2021. Germinal Seeds general manager Sarah Gard believes white clover has been overlooked by farmers in favour of high ryegrass levels to increase drymatter. 

7.20pm – The Government announced $1.87m for the Quorum Sense charitable trust to share knowledge to develop and implement regenerative agriculture systems. Quorum Sense co-founder Duncan Humm will explain the exponential growth in farmers wanting knowledge and the extension programme planned. 

7.30pm – A Vision and Action for the wool sector put together by the Government-appointed wool industry group suggests New Zealand is on the cusp of a natural fibre renaissance. Mt Somers Station farmer Kate  Acland has been involved in the development of the report and will join us with husband David, Federated Farmers meat and wool chairman to discuss how a wool revival is coming. 

7.40pm – Recently formed Roundtable for Sustainable Beef chairman Grant Bunting said the growing importance the world puts on sustainability credentials across the supply chain has changed many a view. Bunting from Anzco, believes fighting against the vegan movement will achieve nothing.


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