Saturday, December 2, 2023

Lorneville sale 19.11

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Spring lambs earned $202 Heavy ewes held at $202-$244 Local trade rams improved to $102-$136 Good prime heifers, 450kg+, improved to $2.80-$3.00/kg Two-year Angus-cross steers, 346-377kg, returned $3.20-$3.43/kg.
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Store cattle numbers increased at Lorneville last Tuesday with good buyer interest throughout.

Two-year Hereford-cross steers, 370-403kg, managed $3.37-$3.40/kg, while their sisters, 435kg, sold at $3.24/kg. Yearling Angus-Friesian steers and heifers, 320-350kg, improved to $3.18-$3.28/kg.

Weaner Friesian bulls managed $400-$450. Beef-cross bulls returned $500-$550, and their sisters, 110-116kg, sold at $450-$470.

Good prime steers, traded at $2.70-$3.00/kg, with good beef cows lifting to $2.40-$2.50, and dairy bred lines earning $1.70-$1.80/kg. Prime bulls 500kg+ fetched $2.80-$2.90/kg

In the sheep section prime hoggets eased, with all trading at $140-$200. Good two-tooth ewes managed $146-$174, while light to medium improved to $120-$164.

Ewes with lambs-at-foot strengthened to $125-$130, whilst hoggets with lambs-at-foot returned $110-$118.

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