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Picking the right-sized stirrer 

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The two main aspects to consider are the length of the pond stirrer and the power capacity. 
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There are a few aspects to consider when determining the right-sized pond stirrer for managing effluent. 

While it is generally recommended to choose a larger pond stirrer, there are a few types and specifications that can help choose the right option for a farm’s requirements.

The two main aspects to consider are the length of the pond stirrer and the power capacity. 

The length of the stirrer is determined by the overall size of the pond and the batter of the pond wall. If the wall slopes down at a 45 degree angle or steeper, then a short stirrer of 7m can be utilised. If there is a gentle angle, which is often the case with most lined ponds, then a longer stirrer of up to 9m is needed.

In terms of power, electric pond stirrers can range from 10 to 30 horsepower. For smaller ponds or effluent dams, a smaller capacity stirrer is suitable. If the pond is large, then farmers will want to consider a larger stirrer with more power capacity. In some more extreme cases, it may require two pond stirrers to manage the effluent effectively.

Not every farm will have the power availability for a larger stirrer. An electrician will be able to ensure the stirrer has the right power capacity and can run properly. If power availability is a concern, then it may take a little longer for the effluent to mix. However, generally the stirrer can run for 30 to 60 minutes prior to the pump starting.

Electric stirrers that are shore mounted utilise a horizontal thrust that is far more efficient in propelling effluent around the pond than any vertical mounted option. This brings the solids of the effluent into suspension. 

If there is a high concentration of solids from feed pads or covered areas, make sure there is the right power capacity pond stirrer for optimal mixing. The propeller design plays a huge part in the efficiency of pond stirring.

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